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This site is for Amateur radio operators and enthusiasts. The Radio Presenter site is here.
You can request a free unique email address  in the format firstname.secondname@ontheradio.org, or callsign@ontheradio.org. This will forward emails to your normal email address.  A full email address using IMAP or POP, can be set up for a small fee. Please see the email page for more details.
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If you have any comments or suggestions, please email info (at) ontheradio.org.
This site is aimed at those who are amateur radio operators or those who have an interest. This includes licensed amateur radio operators, and operators using CB or PMR446.

This site is UK-based, in the Solent area, on the south coast.

There is a  list of local nets in the wider Solent area, details of local radio clubs & repeaters, component sources and links.  Links currently includes information on Oscar 100, Amateur Television, Web SDR, DMR, Propagation Maps, Transmitter Coverage Tool, a tool to show terrain (with heights) between two points, a comprehensive list of high spots for your portable operation, and information on repairing an IC-7300.

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Last updated  21sr August 2021 - TC1 Multifunction tester
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