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A free email address can be set up, which will forward emails to your normal email address, without divulging your true email address to the sender. This is usueful for giving out email addresses on air, for example. Any replies will reveal your true email address.
IMAP or POP email addresses can be set up for £5.95 per annum. These work in the same way as any other email address. Access for paid-for addresses is also available through the Ionos webmail facilitiy, where you can also reset your password.
You will have a 14 day free trial, and then payment should be made by a PayPal link that will be sent you.
Please pay within 48 hours, otherwise your account and any emails may be deleted.
Maximum size attachment to your (non-forwarded option) callsign email address is 70Mb, and the email receiver must also be able to receive emails with this size of attachment.

Please contact via the address below.
Please put the address into your mail app to contact us
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